Home Automation

Our Goal:

Home AutomationOur design team will meet with you and ask the appropriate questions to gain insight as to your needs for a functional and efficient home control system. Everything from lighting, climate, blinds, audio and video can all be controlled via a multitude of touch pads and screens, or even through an on screen navigator viewed on your television. We understand that everyone’s lifestyles vary and with that your needs and uses for home entertainment and control vary as well. Let us guide you through the decision making process and the customization of total home control system to fit your lifestyle and budget.

One-touch Home Theater:

Home AutomationAt the touch of a button, the projector turns on, the screen moves into position, the blinds close, the lights dim, audio and video components power up….All that’s left to decide is butter or no butter on your popcorn. It’s that easy! Simplify your entertainment system and put away all those remote controls. Control4 integrates full functional control of all of your components and management of all your dvd and cd titles in one complete easy to use system.

Multi-Room Music:

Home AutomationImagine having your entire music collection available in every room in your house at the touch of a button. The kids could be listening to Hannah Montana in the great room, Mom could be listening to the Beatles in the kitchen and Dad could be taking snooze to a little Sinatra on the back deck. With a system from Control4, your entire music collection is stored digitally and managed for easy search and playback at the touch of a button. Multiple artists can be played back at the same time in different locations or all locations can be played simultaneously for entertaining. Control4 offers a full line of audio amplifiers, audio and video matrix switches for any type of application. Our design team starts with a complete walk through and an initial assessment of your audio needs. In the end, a functional, easily operational system that fits your lifestyle.

Advanced Temperature Control:

Help conserve energy and insure that your home remains comfortable with Control4’s wireless thermostat. With its wireless control and bidirectional communication capabilities, it allows for full retro integration into most existing HVAC systems.

Smart Lighting:

Home AutomationControl4 offers a full array of wireless lighting components, from switches, dimmers and outlets. We can design functional lighting scenes to help simplify your life and reduce your energy costs. With extensive research and development these lighting devices have proven very reliable and their wireless design allows for seamless integration into any homes existing wiring.

Safety and Security:

Home AutomationFull control and monitoring of your home security system can also be accomplished via your Control4 system. Add IP cameras and you have the ability to fully monitor your home from any location with internet access. Rest assured your home and valuables are safe and sound. If something should occur, your Control4 protected home will notify you.